Fluid Dynamics

Flow Visualization

Flow visualization is an important engineering tool in the understanding of fluid behavior since "seeing is believing” and most of the fluids and their motions are invisible to human eyes.  Therefore, numerous ingenious techniques have been developed over the years to provide an "eye-catching” way to allow us to visualize the motions of fluids and their interactions with the surroundings.


Ünterm Engineering ltd. has a long standing experience in many flow visualization techniques  such as;


  • Dye/Smoke Injection
  • Hydrojen Bubble Visualiziton
  • Laser Sheet Visualization
  • Optic Methods such as Schiliren Photography

Ünterm Engineering ltd. has used flow visualization for solving flow problems of valves, manifolds, pumps, flow conditioner devices, flow meters, stented arteries, fluid and gas delivery systems, biological reactors, and many other devices. Techniques can indicate where the areas of high and low speed flow are, and where flow separation, recirculation and turbulent zones occur. These information is used by Ünterm Engineering to improve mechanical design by altering the flow pattern.  This will minimize the most of the expensive guess work.  Flow visualization will go hand in hand with the CFD work in most of the challenging flow problems.

Ünterm Engineering ltd. can help you decide what type of flow visualization is right for you. We have at our disposal laser sheet light systems, hydrogen bubble techniques, Schlieren, or traditional dye or smoke techniques. Our modeling shop can quickly create dimensionally accurate models of your device or system as necessary to perform the flow visualization on.

Examples of flow visualization projects we have completed:

  • Centrifugal and Mixed Pump Flow Optimization
  • Flow in a coolant channel
  • Flow Through an Arterial Stent
  • Separated Flow Over and Around Buildings
  • Turbulent Impinging  Jet of Coolant